Megapipe Communications

Dial Up with Windows 95

Before you being, make sure your modem is plugged in and functional. Windows 95 must have TCP/IP drivers and Dial-Up Networking installed. Most machines probably already have TCP/IP and Dial-Up Networking installed.

  • Close all programs on your computer. Click on "My Computer."
  • You should see a folder in My Computer called "Dial-Up Networking." Open it.
  • Double-click on "Make New Connection"
  • A window will pop asking you to name your connection. Type "Megapipe." Leave the modem field as is, unless you're sure you need to change it.
  • Click Next.
  • Put your local Megapipe phone number in the field labeled phone number.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Done. The window will close.
  • You should now see an icon with the label "Megapipe" in your Dial-Up Networking folder.
  • Highlight the Megapipe dialer by clicking on it once with your cursor. Click on your right mouse button and go down to "Properties." Click on "Properties."
  • You are now in a window named General. In this window you should see the access number and your modem. At the bottom of this window, there is a button labeled "Server Types." Click on this button. (The layout may vary slightly depending on your version of Windows 95, but this is the most common.)
  • In the Server Types window, check "Enable Software Compression" under Advanced Options. Check "TCP/IP" under Allowed Network Protocols. All other settings should be unchecked!
  • Click on TCP/IP. Make sure your DNS servers are server assigned. You do not need a WINS server. The settings at the button should be checked. (Alternatively, if you go through these settings and find your connection not working, hit the radio button saying "Specify Name Server Addresses type in the following DNS servers: for primary DNS and for the secondonary DNS.)
  • Click OK until you're back in the Dial-Up Networking window. Double-click on the Megapipe dialer. Type in your username and password and hit Connect.
  • Once you're connected open your browser. It should be on your desktop. If you can't find it there or elsewhere, go to Start->Run and type "iexplore" and then hit enter.
  • Type in the address field, and optionally set Megapipe as your start page.
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