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The word "Linux" refers to an operating system kernel, which in practice is used in a lot of different operating systems. These could be broadly divided between GNU/Linux and various other Linux distributions that do not use GNU operating system components (e.g., Android). The focus here will generally be GNU/Linux-derived OSes. This provides a general overview of some of the commands. It is strongly recommended you refer to your Linux distribution's documentation for details.

Finding OS and network information

Some ways to find basic information about your Linux-based host. Reasonably universal commands below:

Command Explanation
lscpu Get CPU information
less /proc/cpuinfo
grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo See how much RAM you have
dmidecode -t 2 Print motherboard information
lspci Print information about the PCI bus and what is connected to it


Different distributions using the Linux kernel have varying virtualization methods. KVM is the most universal method.

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