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Windows Use, Customization, and Software

Common Keyboard Shortcuts

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Action Keyboard Shortcut Notes
Exit the current program Alt+F4  
Close a window within the current program (e.g., a document in Microsoft Office) Ctrl+F4  
Switch beteen programs. [Windows Key] + R Hit once to get a screen showing the icons on your start menu and hit it again to move to the next icon.
Open File Explorer. [Windows Key] + E For managing windows files.
Open start menu Ctrl+Esc Most keyboards have a Windows key that also does this
Use menus in a program Alt Use the arrow keys to navigate menus; may be highly dependent on the program
Cut Ctrl+X Results may vary according to the program you're using
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+P
Make text italic Ctrl+I Mainly applies in office and rich text applications; also applies in some chat applications
Make text underline Ctrl+U
Make text bold Ctrl+B
Undo last change Ctrl+Z  

Off-site link: List of Windows Keyboard Shutcuts from Microsoft

Useful software packages

Programs listed below add features or functionality that is often missing in a basic Windows installation. The links in the following sections will take you to a new web site.

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Web Browsers

Note: Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer is probably pre-installed on your computer, but other options are freely available for download.


System Administration/Remote Administration

Likely useful if you have to manage files remote (e.g., FTP to a web site) or do other kinds of remote amdinistration.

As of 2018 versions of Windows 10, SSH should be available to Windows users.

  • FileZilla - excellent Windows FTP client (GPL)
  • PuTTY - ssh and telnet client for Windows (beta software)
  • WinSCP – secure file transfer program (GPL)
  • UltraVNC – remote administration client and server
  • Console - drop-in replacement for cmd.exe (beta software)

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